Our Staff

      Your Smile Staff

From left to right:
Tracy, Rachel, Noelia, Kelly, Tammey, Heather


Noelia is our office manager and plays a critical role in ensuring that all aspects of our practice run smoothly. As an office manager, her work is most often behind the scenes dealing with finances, marketing and client relations and everything that optimizes a patient’s positive experience with us.

“Having worked as a dental assistant myself, I know how important a positive working environment is for both staff and patients. If the staff is happy at work, it will naturally translate to a positive experience for patients. I try to make sure that everything is functioning smoothly and efficiently to create our happy, positive work environment. Fitness is definitely my passion and I’ve been a running enthusiast for many years. I am also a pretty darn good baker - just ask my wonderful husband Chris and my two adorable children Maria and John.”


Tracy is a dental assistant and our Treatment Coordinator. She is available to spend time with our patients to answer any questions related to treatment options and fees. She works closely with your insurance benefits and will keep you smiling and well-informed by simplifying and streamlining your entire experience here.

“Welcome to our practice. I absolutely love being part of a team where everyone's goal is to provide the highest standard of care for each patient. Our amazing staff love working together and helping one another every day! We are truly a team here. When you visit us, you will always leave knowing we really care! I try to bring the same love and enthusiasm I have for life to my job each and every day! After work I am likely enjoying as much recreational fun as I can keeping up with my 3 boys.


Kelly has been a familiar face in our office for 27 years as both dental assistant and office administrator. With 34 years in dentistry, Kelly bring years of experience to our practice. She assists our Periodontist, Dr. Young and is the friendly voice you hear when you call our office.

“I have worked with many dentists over the years, but our dental team here is like no other I have ever experienced. We are truly a family here and I think the way we treat our patients reflects our compassion and respect for each other. Married to my childhood sweetheart Paul, I am the mother of 7 children - so family is an important part of who I am. I have had many maternity leaves, but like our patients, I find myself coming back here again and again.”


Tammey is Dr. Axelrod’s assistant and is an indispensable part of our staff. Her kind and compassionate manner will immediately put you at ease and she will ensure that your visit is as comfortable and as stress-free as possible.

“I am proud to work alongside Dr. Axelrod because I know our patients are receiving quality care. He is always very approachable and understanding and he treats everyone with dignity and respect. We take the time to make connections with each patient, which makes this office feel more like a community than a dental office. Together, with my husband and two boys, my life is full of love, laughter and hockey!”


Heather is our Dental Hygienist and has been a valued member of our office for 26 years. Her engaging and magnetic personality is truly something extra to smile about and it reflects the passion she has for dentistry and the care she has for her patients.

“It is important that patients enjoy their experiences here, and I make every effort to make this happen! Our office is a happy, positive place that is filled with laughter. Our patients say that it relaxes them, so it will always have a place here. We are life-long learners in this office and staying informed regarding the latest research, tools and treatment methods is an important part of who we are.


Rachel is our Dental Hygienist who has been a part of Dr. Axelrod’s practice … well, since birth! She is Dr. Sam Axelrod’s daughter, so it is not surprising that she gravitated towards the caring practice of dentistry! Her relaxed and calming manner puts people at ease and is something we hear patients remarking on often.

“Working with my father is an honour. I feel very privileged to be a part of this team knowing we all share the same philosophy of compassion and respect. Family, life-long learning and the pursuit of helping youth at risk are important in my life. I look forward to continuing to build many great relationships with our patients in the years to come.”